Thursday, January 06, 2011

Notes of the day...

I came across this story from one of my fren.
Dia xberapa puas hati dgn anak pompuan dia sbb slalu pecahkan brg. First i thought it just a common story
from a mother of 3 child. Lgpon, biasalaa, budak kan, bukan reti nk pegang brg ke apa..Then bila dia dok cter about second child dia yg sgt baik budi, pandai jg diri n etc..baru sy perasan, dia semacam ada pilih kasih sket..Slama ni pon dia dok cter psl ank no 2 ni jek..hmm ya laa, baru sy perasan huhu..then klu puji kan kemain laa..smer anak no 2 dia bleh buat, n everything is a verrry good thing. Puji mmg melangit laa xde ke laut lsung heheh..Klu cter psl anak lain, mcm ada jek masalah..As for me, this is kind of no good parenthing way kann?
For me laa..pilih kasih is one of thing yg menyebabkan startnya perasaan dengki or dendam antara siblings. Sgt2 no good huhu..Then startlaa rasa xdisayangi or jd anak terbuang. Then jdlaa mcm2 kes, lari dr umah laa..rempit laa, bohsia laaa..eh2 dh melalut xtentu pasal plak hahaha..
But the thing is, parent need to know..each of their children deserve the same and equally of love and careness..One of the reason that contribute to the best children is because of other children weakness.
Contohnya, back to my fren story..Anak second dia yg slalu kemas if anak pompuan dia pecahkan barang..Memula dulu slalu luka kaki tgn but because nk tlg mama dia xkisah laa..Lama2 si abang dh jd expert in kemas brg pecah. See?because of the baby girl sister laa si abang pandai kemas brg pecah, and gain a good talent in handling broken glass..Klau si adik xpecahkan brg, xkan mak dia kena sengaja2 pecahkan brg sbb nk ajar anak second dia kann?Because of weakness si adik, si abang jd pandai dlm satu2 hal..
But this is just from my opinion..Yg pting, say no to PILIH KASIH py sikap hahaha..xkira la to anak ke, family ke or even to budak2 kerja bwh u, klu u boss la kan...:)
As quote,

"As the builders say, the larger stones do not lie well without the lesser" ~Plato

xde yg kecik2 nih, xstabil yg besar2 tu...xde yg lemah2 ni xhebat yg bijak2 tuh...hehehe

P/S:xde kena mengena dgn hal yg di atas but i'm quite excited today..looking forward for the first trip of the year 2011 next week hehehe..

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