Friday, February 11, 2011

Spill The Milk

It's Friday, yeay!!
Just receive a news about my long2 tuition teacher..
Suddenly all the memories with her came in again…
She’s the one who makes us to like English. Everyday, besides the grammar thing, she teaches us to sing, and make us memorize all the song lyrics. Well I hate it actually coz the song is not easy  to remember as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star song or London Bridge or Humpty Dumpy…It’s a carpenter song actually, Top Of The World..Since I was 8 at that time, remembering all those long lyrics not easy for me…Whoever cannot memorize it, will get a special gift from her but of course not a good one though. So every time there are classes at her house, I will try to skip. Sometimes I pretend got fever and stomach ache. But all those excuses cannot stand still. My mom will shout and pinch us if we skip the class. Because going to her class becomes compulsory, bit by bit I became to like her and also like English (and also like the cherry tree in front of her house haha). She makes English so fun for us.
So thanks to her, I like English so much at that time. Everyday I sing the song she ask us to memorize. And I love Carpenter till today..:)
She once told us about one good phrase, “Spill The Milk”. Our life is like a bottle of milk, she said. Once the bottle is full, it cannot be fill again. It will stay that way until you drink it and become empty again. But when it empty you need start to refill it again from the first drop. Sometimes, the you may mistakenly spill the milk in the bottle that make it half full..But don't regret or punish yourself as later you may refill it again. So do to our life. Don’t be afraid to make mistake. We learn from mistake we do, don’t care how many times we make mistake. You may spill the milk once or twice or maybe a few times. It still ok. You regret you spill it, but actually it is a chance for you to have choice to refill it again whether you want to fill it with the same milk, or fill it with other milk. Or maybe you want to fill it with other flavor of milk that will give you better taste. It's all about choices. But then you need to remember. Careful to refill it  and make choice of good thing, as when you fill it with bad thing, it may change all the milk taste. It may make all the milk sour and cannot be drink anymore. You can ruin all of your life with a little simple silly mistake.
But again, don’t may spill the milk again and make the bottle empty so you can refill it with a fresh milk. Start your new life as all the choices is at your hand..:)
So, happy fridays to all...esok cuti woohooooo
*mode miss those time panjat pokok ceri depan umah teacher*

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