Monday, November 01, 2010

A start off

i have a verrrry long break for this actually..Along this October sgt banyak kejadian2 yg tidak diingini berlaku. Then here today, i was at home, 2nd day of resting(kotttt?) to finish of my 1 week of MC. My first blog dh pernah created long2 time ago tp xpnah sy bukak or post any. So this is consider my 2nd blog which is turn to be my 1st hehehhe..
I think not many people will come visit here or mayb none will be tp xpelaa still, now i will have place to jot down something to ease me as my 'pendengar setia masalah', my hubby is quite far from me now.
So this will be my note pad everyday which hopefully can be shared with other. Boleh jd tpt released tensen and also shout out jugak hahahaha(bleh ganti mall)......

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